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A cannabis comedy about smoking your way to the top


A new film by Joy Shannon

Director of My Dead Selfie, Sexless After 45,

3rd Generation Female Gangsta and others

What the Filmmakers

Are Offering

We are filmmakers. Our goal is to produce a highly entertaining, feature-length comedy about female entrepreneurship within the cannabis industry entitled Canna Sistaz. We are seeking the support of cannabis sponsors to produce a successful and memorable film. We are offering individual participants and companies several levels of sponsorship, including product placement in the film, in the trailer and in the music video. In addition, there are other numerous and exciting benefits. Please review the sponsorship packages detailed below. We hope that you will team up with us as well as ‘green up’ with us!

About The Film

Canna Sistaz is a comedy that centers around two sisters who, after struggling to make it in Los Angeles as actresses, discover their true calling as entrepreneurial queens within the fast-growing cannabis industry. 
The movie will take you on a wild, comical journey about smoking one’s way to the top. Not just a stoner-film, Canna Sistaz highlights the various pleasure-seeking and homeopathic uses of cannabis (i.e., in edibles, drinks and unique strains). The product placement opportunities within the film are vast.  


Brief Summary of Plot

Canna Sistaz
By Joy Shannon
WGA-West Registration Number: 2000790

Being a starving actress in Los Angeles is no fun. But this is the world for half-sisters Fola, in her late 20s, half Black and White, and Francy, in her mid-20's and White. The sisters share a mother and have different fathers. 

The sister’s cancer-stricken mother makes them promise to pursue their dreams once she’s gone and to take care of each other. After the funeral, the sisters launch a haphazard plan to use the money from their mother’s insurance policy to pursue their dreams of becoming actresses in the big city of Los Angeles. However, their acting careers are short-lived. With no background or training and numerous failed auditions, Francy escapes her disappointment by becoming a party girl, with marijuana and booze as the main ingredients to her ‘meals’. 


If things couldn’t get worse, they receive a wakeup call by way of an eviction notice. Their rent is three months behind, and the landlord is tired of being nice by giving extensions. As a result, they have 30 days to get three thousand dollars, or they'll be out on the streets. The sisters exhaust all possible options.


For example: 

  1. Acting in soft porn videos—but they can’t act.

  2. Pole dancing—neither has rhythm or sexy moves.

  3. Waiting tables—they get attitudes with the customers, going as far as trying to talk customers into becoming vegans.


Francy attempts to overcome her stress by smoking weed, but now lacks the money to buy it. She opens a coffee can and finds only a few seeds at the bottom. Desperate for a joint, she knocks on her pot-smoking neighbor's door to ask for one. Half asleep, the neighbor yells through the door, “I’m tired of you sponging off me, grow your own.” Bingo! She walks back to her apartment as a light goes off in her head, and the roller-coaster, cannabis enterprise of The Canna Sistaz begins with plenty of canna-growing and cooking scenes and a ‘Hollywood Smoke Party’. It’s a wild party with all types of entertainment and guests and celebrities indulging in all types of cannabis goodies. In the end of the film the sisters make it!  Canna Sistaz is the ideal film for product placement and company logos. 


Video Teaser


Production Info

Budget:  Estimate: $500,000

This amount allows the production to obtain a high-profile actress and have good production valve, including creating a slamming soundtrack. 

Filming Location 

The majority of the film will be shot in Los Angeles.

Starting Date: 

The projected starting date is the summer of 2020.

Starting Date

The entire production from A – Z, including casting, rehearsals, filming, editing, creating the soundtrack, etc., will take roughly six months.


The market for the film mainly includes upscale cannabis users, college-aged and young adults and professional women. With sibling lead actresses and one being half-Black, Canna Sistaz is positioned to attract entirely new demographics to the world of cannabis by appealing to professional African American women.

Talent Wishlist

The following is our exciting wish list. However, Hollywood is full of beautiful young starlets, so we feel confident in casting a high-profile actress in at least one role.


(Older sister and more mature)


(Younger half-sister, party girl)



Joy Shannon is a Los Angeles-based writer and director of indie films with an MA in film from The American University in Washington, DC, and a BFA from Howard University, also in Washington, DC.

  • While residing in Washington, DC, Joy served as a juror for the Corporation for Public Broadcast (CPB) and was a grant recipient from AFI and WETA.

  • Joy taught filmmaking to teens who were former gang members and to dyslexic students.  

  • Films Joy has written and directed include a teen crime drama, 3rd Generation Female Gangsta; a screw-ball feature comedy, Stuck With Jazz (aka All That Jazzin'); a drama, Uptown Angel; and a comedy, Sexless After 45, which was recently picked up for online distribution by The Hollywood Education and Resource Center (BHERC). 

  • Joy’s most recent feature, My Dead Selfie, a low-budget, supernatural thriller on race, won The Best Experimental Feature Film award at The Downtown LA Film Festival. 

Joy continues to be one of those who leads the way for African American female writers and directors in multiple film genres with a unique and refreshingly creative eye. Her training and background set a solid foundation on which she builds with each new project, whether teaching others or developing her next show-stopping production.


Sponsorship Opportunities



Canna Sistaz is a unique interpretation of a Hollywood ‘chick flick’ – a comedy mainly for the female movie-goer that will also be enjoyable for men. However, a demographic that is often overlooked is the professional Black woman. This is why writing the co-lead to be a pretty, educated, Black female who absolutely loves her cannabis makes Canna Sistaz so special! The film is aimed to attract like-minded women, and your company’s product can be included in a scene. Depending on your level of sponsorship, your product, logo or website address, can also be featured in other ways. 

Target Audience:
Viewing films, whether it’s in a movie theater or online, is on the rise. Regardless of the format or device, Americans like watching movies. 

The following are statistics from “Moviegoer Demographics: Who rules the movie audience statistic?” Demographic Partitions.org


  • In regards to race and ethnicity, African American moviegoers have skyrocketed in numbers compared to any other group. According to the MPAA, there was a 13% increase in African American cinema viewers compared to 2012. Last year, more than 170 million African-Americans went to the movies, compared to roughly 150 million in 2012, according to the Hollywood Reporter. This can be lent to a few notes: in 2013, African American films became a notable trend within box office releases, such as 12 Years A Slave, Black Nativity, Fruitvale Station, Mandela: A Long Walk To Freedom and Lee Daniels’ The Butler.  


  • African Americans are digitally inclined and consume heavy amounts of all types of media: 67% own desktop/laptop computers; 62% are heavy online users, accessing 11+ hours weekly; 64% are gaming/music video enthusiasts; and 37% are heavy TV/DVR viewers.


The number of frequent African-American moviegoers shot up to 5.6 million, almost twice as many as the previous year. MPAA defines a frequent moviegoer as attending at least one movie per month. This makes the African-American audience 15% of frequent moviegoers, despite comprising only 12% of the US population — African-American Moviegoing Numbers on the Rise, The Douglass Review


Path of Exposure

With the expanding digital technology, indie films have a variety of routes for exposure and distribution.  Once the film is completed, the producers plan to work with a producer’s rep to help determine the best path. 

The traditional ways of distribution include: a limited theatrical release, cable airings, airline screenings, DVD sales and foreign/International markets. 

There is also an array of online possibilities: Netfix, Amazon, Hulu and more.

Many indie filmmakers are opting for self-distribution by placing their films on platforms such as Vimeo for Pay-Per-View. According to Wikipedia, “As of December 2013, Vimeo attracts more than 100 million unique visitors per month, and more than 22 million registered users.”

Film festivals also play a key role for exposure, helping to create a buzz about films. The producers of Canna Sistaz will pursue, not only the large traditional film festivals, but the African American ones, such as American Black Film Festival, Pan African Film Festival, Hollywood Black, Urbanworld, San Diego Black Film Festival, Black International Cinema/Berlin, Urban Film Series New York African Diaspora, Pan African/Cannes, Roxbury, San Francisco Black, and the BFM International Film Festival.

A research study conducted by Hollywood Branded Inc. states: 

  • 85% of marketers claim entertainment marketing works to boost sales. 

  • 98% of consumers report noticing product placement in television and film. 

  • 80% of consumers favor product placement and see it as a form of ‘organic’ marketing. 

  • 51% of consumers make cognizant decisions to purchase after seeing product in a TV show or feature film, driving consumer sales.


Black Americans as a whole, and Black women more specifically, spend millions of dollars on alcoholic beverages, hair weaves, wigs, hair care products and entertainment. They have disposable cash. With marijuana quickly becoming more mainstream, professional Black women will be curious to explore different upscale strains, a variety of edibles, vapes, creams and pain relief options. The film Canna Sistaz is the perfect way to introduce your products to an underserved consumer.  

Black buying power currently stands at over $1.1 trillion and is on the road to hit about $1.5 trillion by 2021. — John Tucker of Black Enterprise

Around 2060, Black America might be represented by 75 million in the U.S., holding about 20% of the U.S. population. — John Tucker of Black Enterprise

According to a new Nielson report called African-American Women: Our Science, Her Magic, the businesses run by and the brand loyalty of Black women is driving part of the economy, so much so that total Black spending power is expected to hit a record $1.5 trillion by 2021. — African-American Women: Our Science, Her Magic, Nielson Report

At 24.3 million strong, Black women account for 14% of all U.S. women and 52% of all African-Americans.  In the midst of data chronicling her steady growth in population, income and educational attainment, the overarching takeaway for marketers and content creators is to keep “value and values” top of mind when thinking about this consumer segment. — African-American Women: Our Science, Her Magic, Nielson Report


Sponsorship Levels

Please note: Sponsor’s logo will be added on all promotional materials (size contingent on level of sponsorship)


With the increase in movie viewers and with numerous online streaming platforms and devices for watching films, it’s impossible to say how much traffic any film will receive. However, high views in the following categories are our goals:

In the press releases, especially during the ‘Awareness Campaign’ and for the release of the film,
In a limited theatrical release or self-distribution on Vimeo, Amazon Prime or Hulu,

  • With DVD sales,

  • In a cable release,

  • In foreign sales,

  • On the film’s website,

  • On the film’s blog,

  • In the press for film’s Premiere (i.e., digital posters and invitations),

  • In the film’s trailer, 

  • In the music video for the film.



There are numerous benefits of sponsorship in a film that offers product placement:

  • Product placement can boost brand recognition;

  • Product placement can lead to an increase in profits;

  • The sales might not be immediate, but in the long run, higher brand recognition can benefit your business;

  • By the nature of a film, there is a captive audience and often, a viewer will watch a film several times, seeing your product each time;

  • Film sponsorship is a win-win situation—you help us, and by helping us, we help you.

Successful stoner films:


If interested in becoming a part of the green-team by being a sponsor for Canna Sistaz, please contact:
Deborah Hayter, Sponsorship Manager
Email:  sponsorshipmanager@yahoo.com
For film production questions, please contact:
Joy Shannon, Filmmaker
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